About Us

For over one hundred years the Seventh-day Adventist church has been sharing the hope of the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ with the people of Wellington – New Zealand’s capital city. Now in the twenty-first century, the Wellington Seventh-day Adventist church proudly continues to keep the gospel flame burning through bible based messages and service to the local community.

Our Ministries

The Wellington Seventh-day Adventist church operates a number of church departments seeking to minister to members and the community in various ways. Some of these include:

  • Sabbath School: Providing bible stories and activities for the young and bible study in small groups for youth and adults
  • Health: Encouraging health amongst members and the community through various initiatives ranging from vegetarian cooking classes to depression and anxiety recovery programs
  • Pathfinders & Adventurers: Clubs for young people that helps develop a closer walk with Jesus, builds friendships and relationships with others, and teaches practical skills while supporting their holistic development.
  • ADRA: Providing support for those in need such as food parcels.

Our Beliefs

Following the great Protestant conviction of sola scriptura (the Bible only), the Seventh-day Adventist church accepts the Bible as our only creed and derives our beliefs from a careful study of its contents. The church’s understanding and expression of the teaching of scripture are set out in 28 statements of fundamental beliefs. 

Our History

Seventh-day Adventists first came to New Zealand in 1885, when S.N. Haskell and a small team of missionaries stayed in New Zealand for four or five days on their way to Australia. Five years later in 1890, American envangelist A.G. Daniells would come to Wellington and present a series of evangelistic meetings, beginning the presence of the denomination in the Wellington region.